How To Stop Floors From Creaking

Chances are that if you live in an old house, your home makes strange noises. However, these noises are often routine and result from the foundation settling or copper expanding.

However, the most common sound in a home, new or old, can be creaking floors. While this noise can be a natural part of your flooring material, sometimes, creaking sounds coming from your floor are indicative of more significant issues.

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If you want to end the constant sound of squeaking every time you walk on your floor, consider the following advice on how to stop floors from creaking!

# 1
– Install new flooring

Often, homeowners will install luxury vinyl flooring in valencia pa to replace their old creaking hardwood floors. Vinyl flooring is not only very quiet to walk on but also incredibly durable and water-resistant.

In addition, vinyl is easy to care for and can be washed with soap and water in a matter of minutes.

# 2
– Get a rug

If the wood floor is old, it may have warped over time which causes the gap between the boards and the sub-floor, causing creaking noises each time you walk on it. This noise can be reduced with the help of a supportive area rug that will minimize noise and add a stylish design aesthetic to your home.

# 3
– Install additional support

If your floors are old and creak, invest in a solid underlayment to add an extra layer of flooring material that will support your floorboards and stop them from squeaking.

# 4
– Add furniture/objects

Depending on the age of your wood flooring, it can be easier to stop floors from creaking by adding more support on top of the floor rather than under it. This keeps a tight seal between your floor and the underlying foundation and will reduce or eliminate creaking noises.

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