Why We Need To Screen In Our Patios

Patios are a great way to enjoy the weather. It is a small space usually attached to the house where we can watch the kids play, can keep junk that we don’t want to track into the house and host a lot of parties and get-togethers when friends and family. However even though we have a patio, there are some things that can still ruin our fun. To help avoid them we will usually install patio enclosures in Pleasanton, CA. Here are a few pests that we want to avoid.

The rain

The first reason we want to enclose our patios is because we want to avoid the rain. If we have a party, a lot of food and don’t want to track it all back into the house, we will want to enclose our patios to give us some sort of protection.


What is a party without some mosquitoes? We don’t want to be eaten up by them while we’re having our fun. By installing an enclosure around the patio, we can avoid this problem all together.

We’ll also get protection from most flying pests such as wasps and bees. However there are still insects that will try to find their way in to our space.

The birds

patio enclosures in Pleasanton, CA

If you live by a bird feeder or are near any trees that have a lot butterflies, bees and other flying insects then your patio could still be an attractive spot for some undesirable guests. Protect your space from the many unwanted insects that come with having certain types of plants around the area and screen in your patio today!

The sun and heat

While we’re out on the patio, we need to keep ourselves safe from the harmful rays of the sun especially if you have kids playing around. It could also get very hot and sweaty while you are outside trying to enjoy yourself. A screen enclosure can help with this problem by providing shade and protecting you from the heat.